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Seven Francophone and Bilingual New Brunswickers to Watch

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 21:30

Rino Maltais is changing the way people find employers and how employers find people.

Maltais is the co-founder and co-president of business development at R2, a leading provider of recruitment, outplacement and workforce development solutions across Eastern Quebec and Atlantic Canada, based in Campbellton.

Maltais and his business partner Rico Levesque created the company after realizing there was a gap in the labour market.

“We saw that in spite of the numerous job offers, job-seekers had a hard time finding available jobs and companies had difficulties finding the right talent – which led to increasingly poor fits, retention rates and growth,” Maltais says.

“We knew that only 20 per cent of all jobs were advertised and that only 25 per cent of candidates were visible to employers,” he says. “So we started out by simply maximizing the number of contacts. It was a simple yet, as time would tell, surprisingly revolutionary step.”

Thus R2 was born, and from there it snowballed. R2 is now a team averaging 20 workers with multiple offices and key collaborators, working closely with large corporation concerns as well as small and medium-sized businesses, governments, insurers and job seekers. R2 has become an entry point to a network of employers and talents.

For Maltais, growing the company is his biggest passion and is firm believer that passion, camaraderie and social responsibility are the key ingredients to R2’s success.

“We’re proud of what we are building and we continuously strive to make R2 a key player in this field.” Source

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R2 est un chef de fil spécialisé en solutions d'emploi et de main d'oeuvre qui exploite dans l'Est du Québec et au Canada atlantique.

Nous Changeons la façon dont les gens trouvent de l'emploi et comment les employeurs trouvent, mettent sur pied et conservent une main d'oeuvre performante.

Présent dans plusieurs villes, R2 est devenu un bon poin de référence où les défis d'emploi et de main d'oeuvre son synonymes de tranquilité d'esprit.Pour en savoir plus...

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