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Workforce solutions for all stages of your company's growth.

Never has it been truer to say that skilled people are your greatest asset. R2 have put together a comprehensive range of fully scalable workforce solutions for all stages of your company’s growth.

R2’s services cover everything you need to create and retain an efficient team: Staff training in workplace essential skills. Legal requirements. Performance management. Workforce assessments. Induction programs. HR audits and workshops. Policy and procedures manuals. Exit strategies and outplacements. Just by keeping in touch with your R2 professional, you could find positive ways of resolving HR issues before they negatively affect your business as a whole.

Outplacement Services

Carefully managed transitions can actually strengthen company morale and brand values by showing your workforce that you will stand by them even in a worst-case scenario.

Once all is said and done, you find yourself with a streamlined, cost-efficient organisation staffed by increasingly confident people. A negative situation has turned into a positive one. Building on our dual competency in HR and career services, R2 place 80% of candidates within nine weeks – even in areas of high unemployment.

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Workforce Assessments & tests

Whether you’re looking to optimize your current workforce or recruit new assets, you first have to ensure that they have the prerequisite fundamental qualities. If they don’t, any new hire or investment in specialised training will be compromised.

Partnering with the leading producers of workforce assessment tools, our experienced HR consultants will answer the question that underpins the success of your entire business: do your team members or potential recruits have the essential skills, motivation and natural talent required to be developed into high-performing employees?

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Workforce Support

What if you could do a lot more with what you already have – enhance performance, improve worker safety and lower workers’ compensation premiums, boost morale, reduce absenteeism, lower turnover and maximise customer satisfaction – all whilst saving money? It’s perfectly possible.

Did you for instance know that some essential skills programs have proven to generate a 26-fold return on investment? Or that an estimated 88% of resignations happen due to reasons other than pay? That government grants could cover upskilling costs? With a special focus on small and medium-sized business, R2 have the answers you need to fine-tune your workforce.

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Who are we

R2 is a leading provider of employment and manpower solutions, across Eastern Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

We are changing the way people find employment,and how employers find, build, & maintain a high performance workforce.

Present in several cities, R2 has become a reference point where employment and manpower challenges are synonymous with peace of mind.


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