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TOWESTest Of Workplace Essential Skills

TOWES, truly is an essential credential. The only product of its kind in Canada, it offers a suite of assessments that measure the essential skills of reading, numeracy and document use. Apart from tailor-made individual assessments offered on request, these come in two main series: general and sector assessments.

TOWES General Series

TOWES General Series consists of three sets
of assessments, G1, G2 and G3, all of which are
available in both English and French:

TOWES Sector Series

TOWES Sector Series lets the test taker assume the role of a worker, using authentic documents to
complete workplace-specific tasks:


G1 measures essential skills at levels 1 and 2, making this the ideal entry-level assessment for subjects with skill gaps.


G2 is the most widely used version of TOWES, measuring essential skills at levels 2 and 3. It’s an intermediate-level assessment commonly used as a precursor to specialised training or employment.


G3 is a high-level assessment measuring essential skills at levels of 3 and 4, often used for trades or technical positions.

Manufacturing (MFG)

The TOWES Manufacturing (MFG) test, available in English and French, measures skills at levels 2 and 3. Best suited for machine operators, assemblers and other workers in factories or workshops, it involves the use of assembly drawings, schematics, safety manuals and regulations.

Office and Administration (ADM)

TOWES Office and Administration (ADM) test, available in English and French, measures skills at levels 2 and 3. Involving the use of manuals for office equipment, memos and policies, it assesses office workers such as clerks, receptionists and data entry personnel.

Entrance into Apprenticeship (APR)

Measuring skills at levels 2 and 3, the TOWES Entrance into Apprenticeship (APR) test employs measurement and calculation, work permits, schematics and codes to assess pre-apprentices and apprentices in industrial trades. It’s available in English and French.

Aerospace (AER)

TOWES Aerospace (AER), measures skills at levels 2 and 3 within the aviation industry. Developed by the Manitoba Aerospace Human Resources Coordinating Committee, it includes job procedures, MSDS and tooling references for workers in general service, maintenance and assembly capacities. It’s available in English only.

Health Care (HCR)

TOWES Health Care (HCR), available in English only, tests skills at levels 2 and 3. Involving the use of blood pressure classifications, test requisition forms and specimen collection manuals, it is best suited for licenced practical nurses, care attendants and medical, dental and laboratory technicians.


Providing legally defensible grounds for hiring decisions, Wonderlic have set the industry standard for candidate assessments for over 73 years. More than 200 million served assessments attest to the accuracy of this system, which covers qualifications, skills, cognitive ability, reliability and personality to pinpoint potential.

Personal Characteristics Inventory (PCI)

Wonderlic’s Personal Characteristics Inventory (PCI) test determines whether a candidate has the particular combination of personality traits needed for a specific job or professional development. Measuring five key qualities – agreeableness, extroversion, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness – it enables you to put the right person in the right place, reducing recruitment and turnover costs.

Productivity Index (WPI)

Especially developed for candidates with little to no prior work experience, the Wonderlic Productivity Index (WPI) is a more lightweight version of the PCI. This is reliability test that gauges levels of conscientiousness, emotional stability and agreeableness to identify low-risk candidates who will be able to access company equipment, cash and merchandise without direct supervision.

Motivation Potential Assessment (MPA)

Regardless of a candidate’s formal qualifications and experience, their motivation will have a major impact on their productivity as well as on your team culture and dedication as a whole. The Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment (MPA) evaluates seven core drivers to identify which candidate is most likely to be motivated and engaged at work. Providing a clear results matrix with a score for each key driver, the MPA enables you to pick the self-starter who will put in a 100% effort and inspire other employees to reach even higher.



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