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Campbellton, NB               Map ->  
Head Office

201–59 Water, Campbellton NB E3N 1A9
(506) 759-7272

Edmundston, NB               Map ->  

174 de L’Église, Edmundston NB E3V 1K2
(506) 735-5557

Working Hours
Monday to Friday
8am to 5pm


Bathurst, NB                       Map ->  

5–219 Main, Bathurst NB E2A 1A9
(506) 545-7277

Grand Falls, NB                  Map ->  

106–218 Broadway, Grand Falls NB E3Z 1B9
(506) 582-2000



Career & Employment Centres

CEC Campbellton
100–157 Water, Campbellton NB E3N 3H5
(506) 753-8045

CEC Edmundston
308–121 de l’Église, Carrefour Assomption

CEC Grand Falls
160 Réservoir, Grand Falls NB E3Z 1G1
(506) 475-1118



Other Services Contacts

Career & Employment Services
Recruitment Services
Consulting Services
Assessments & Testing Services



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Who are we

R2 is a leading provider of employment and manpower solutions, across Eastern Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

We are changing the way people find employment,and how employers find, build, & maintain a high performance workforce.

Present in several cities, R2 has become a reference point where employment and manpower challenges are synonymous with peace of mind.


Our offices

Head Office

201–59 Water
E3N 1A9
(506) 759-7272


5–219 Main
E2A 1A9
(506) 545-7277

174 Rue de L’Église
E3V 1K2
(506) 735-5557

106–218 Broadway
E3Z 1B9
(506) 582-2000