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Workforce Support

What if you could do a lot more with what you already have – enhance performance, improve worker safety and lower workers’ compensation premiums, boost morale, reduce absenteeism, lower turnover and maximise customer satisfaction – all whilst saving money? It’s perfectly possible.

Did you for instance know that some essential skills programs have proven to generate a 26-fold return on investment? Or that an estimated 88% of resignations happen due to reasons other than pay? That government grants could cover upskilling costs? With a special focus on small and medium-sized business, R2 have the answers you need to fine-tune your workforce.

HR policies & procedures

Our HR policies & procedures ensure legal compliance and make for consistency and transparency across your organisation, removing the need for constant intervention, as everyone will always know what work processes apply. Creating a level playing field, these management tools safeguard company morale by avoiding case-by-case decisions that otherwise commonly lead to confused or disgruntled employees. Examples of contents include general HR principles, employment conditions and policies, all in accordance with your particular employment standards as well as workplace health and safety legislation.

Position descriptions

Position descriptions identify exactly what is required in terms of each employee’s education, skills, knowledge and experience, providing benchmarks for appropriate remuneration levels. Essential tools for recruiting, they also form the basis for reviews by clearly outlining the performance and behaviour expected from the employee.

Workforce management services

R2’s workforce management services assist in creating and retaining the optimal workforce composition. Defining what role every position within your organisation plays, our experienced HR consultants help you set up plans to develop high-potential employees, forecast what additional employee skills you will need in the future and find strategies for attracting top-quality talent.


Remuneration and benefits plan

A strategic remuneration and benefits plan can be key to motivating and retaining your employees. Knowing that the employer cares to protect you leads to boosted morale, increased productivity and general satisfaction, which has obvious flow-on effects on your attractiveness as an employer of choice. R2 can help you set up a range of protective measures, such as insurance against accidents and loss of income, ensuring that your employees enjoy great benefits that also manages potential high-risk situations for you as an employer.

Performance management

Performance management could quickly give you an edge over your competitors. Or leave you with a team of disgruntled and unmotivated employees. It all depends on how it’s done. R2’s experienced HR consultants know how to set expectations and help you set targets as well as how to review performance, reward success and take prompt corrective actions when necessary.

Change management

Whether your business is growing or you need to scale down or otherwise change operations, elements of uncertainty can have adverse ripple effects on your organisation. R2’s change management assists in communicating changes to your team and supporting them throughout the process, ensuring that you comply with workplace regulations and manage restructuring and redundancies as required. This naturally includes realigning existing HR policies and practices with your future state.

HR diagnosis

Even if you have a team member responsible for HR, they are more often than not putting out fires rather than focusing on improving the business. An HR diagnosis could provide the perspective you need to properly assess your policies and procedures. Undertaken by one of R2’s experienced practitioners, it identifies potential HR issues. Having a third party can brings a fresh set of eyes and, most importantly, identify compliance issues.




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R2 is a leading provider of employment and manpower solutions, across Eastern Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

We are changing the way people find employment,and how employers find, build, & maintain a high performance workforce.

Present in several cities, R2 has become a reference point where employment and manpower challenges are synonymous with peace of mind.


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