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R2’s Turnkey Placement Programs

The cost of going all-out and placing a candidate in the shortest time possible pales in comparison to the mounting costs of having them on prolonged support services. What’s more: the likelihood of ever achieving a successful return to work plummets over time.

R2’s turnkey job placement programs place 80% of candidates within the first nine weeks, even in areas of high unemployment. Bringing the cost of each included service to an absolute minimum, they are the way to go whenever you’re unsure of your candidate’s capabilities.

Career Pro Direct

A customized one-on-one support program with a total duration of 13 to 15 weeks. However, 80% of all candidates are placed within the first nine weeks. This is thanks to Career Pro Direct drawing on the collective power of our full range of assessments, job-search training and placement facilitation and support services. It also includes proactive representation to target employers by R2’s specialists. To maximize the chance of rapid employment, we personally contact new prospective employers, make recommendations in R2’s vast network of existing recruitment clients, business contacts, and target employers through our work access software.


Career Pro Virtual

Career Pro Direct is also available as an individualized online service, Career Pro Virtual, which offers the same inclusions and excellent track record; eight out of ten candidates are placed within nine weeks.

Work Access Plus

This is a group program featuring a total of 120 hours of intense training and coaching over a four-week period. It covers everything from search techniques, use of special tools and general job market advice to questions for the individual, such as self-knowledge, motivation and personal presentation. The program also includes a number of guest speakers, additional hands-on training and workplace visits.

Work Access Max

Work Access Plus is also available in an extended version, Work Access Max, which features an additional nine weeks of hands-on coaching and support. These extra weeks are invested in fully supported individualized job search, job development, job placement and job facilitation services, giving candidates a very solid foundation regardless of their field of business.







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R2 is a leading provider of employment and manpower solutions, across Eastern Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

We are changing the way people find employment,and how employers find, build, & maintain a high performance workforce.

Present in several cities, R2 has become a reference point where employment and manpower challenges are synonymous with peace of mind.


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