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Accurate Candidate Assessment

To maintain candidate confidence and optimise future prospects, it’s vital not to aim too high or too low. A precise assessment of the candidate’s capabilities is critical to achieving lasting employment.

Drawing on over 12 years’ experience, R2 have the expertise and clinical tools necessary to accurately determine actual candidate capabilities.

Initial Needs Assessment

Our Initial Needs Assessment establishes employment readiness through a brief meeting with the candidate followed by liaising with care providers and the employer. R2’s consultant collects demographic and work history data and interviews the candidate to assess motivation, productivity potential and reasoning skills. A functional assessment is also conducted (personal capacities) to identify any barriers to employment, and our consultant produces a comprehensive report with recommendations.

Career Exploration/Counselling

R2’s Career Exploration/counselling helps the individual clarify and focus on targeted job goals based on their skills, abilities, limitations and current labour market. It includes a Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) , vocational or adjustment counselling, standardized psychometric testing and job-matching to give your candidate the optimal start to their job searches.

Comprehensive Employability Assessment(CEA)

For those candidates whose limited education or significant medical disabilities exclude them from any chances of immediate employment, we employ our Comprehensive Employability Assessment (CEA). This is undertaken by one of R2’s consultants to determine the candidate’s suitability for upskilling or retraining. Based on aptitude testing, individual interests, vocational interviews and a review of the candidate’s medical status, it provides occupational options, current wage ranges, employment outlook and region-specific labour market information.

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

When gainful level considerations and current transferable skills could reasonably be expected to allow for quick employment in an alternative occupation, a Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) is used to identify suitable occupational goals. This is done by one of our consultants in close cooperation with the candidate. It includes considerations of the candidate’s personal interests, aptitudes, past accomplishments and physical and cognitive capabilities as well as labour market trends, earning potential and recommendations for return to paid employment.

Labour Market Analysis

The Labour Market Analysis produces a comprehensive, region-specific report on labour market information relevant to occupations being considered by a candidate. Including data on earning potential and required education and skills as well as current employment outlook, it is often the next step following a Transferable Skills Analysis or other assessment.

TOWESTest Of Workplace Essential Skills

TOWES, truly is an essential credential. The only product of its kind in Canada, it offers a suite of assessments that measure the essential skills of reading, numeracy and document use. Apart from tailor-made individual assessments offered on request, these come in two main series: general and sector assessments.

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